Friday, March 29, 2013

Sushi in Deep Cove, BC

Recently I was doing shows in BC and was lucky enough to be staying in an area of North Vancouver called Deep Cove! Deep Cove is as beautiful as it sounds! It's a small, amazing community with a view of a cove! In that community is a great Japanese restaurant. I used to live in Vancouver and got used to having fresh sushi at a very reasonable price. It was just normal to expect to grab a few rolls for about ten bucks. It wasn't that grocery store variety of kind of hard rice, sitting around for a bunch of hours kind of sushi. It was fresh, made to order because it was Vancouver and that is just what happens there. I really like sushi. I am not a hard core, adventurous sushimi, sea urchin kind of person but I still really appreciate a fresh, well made California roll. I know if you are a real sushi lover you might turn your nose up to a California roll but deal with it ok? There's a little restaurant in Deep Cove called "Osaka". I only stayed in Deep Cove for about five nights and had Osaka twice because it's that good. Apparently they are under new ownership and is much better now. I don't know what it was like before but NOW it is really good! We ordered veggie gyoza, california roll, yam rolls and shrimp tempura. Everything was GREAT! Here are some pictures I liked Osaka so much that I actually tried to order it a third time but it was not open that day for lunch. I was very disappointed. I know... first world problems ... but I was sad. We ended up ordering at another sushi place in the area that was fine but no Osaka. Osaka is just a cut above. There's something about really good food that is sometimes hard to articulate why it's so good. The food was really fresh and the subtleties in the structure - for instance - the yam roll was a piece of tempura coated yam surrounding a freshly made roll with perfect avocado in the center. It was awesome. I want some right now. They prepared their food with care and finesse. I loved it. If you ever find yourself in Vancouver, go to Deep Cove for the view and the atmosphere and stay for the delicious Japanese food at Osaka.

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