Monday, May 20, 2013

Gumboot on the Sunshine Coast!

I had a gig in Vancouver and was able to go a day early so that I could have a quick visit with my friends on the Sunshine Coast. What a name for a place! The Sunshine Coast has to be beautiful, right? Yes, yes, it is! 
My friend took me to a place called the Gumboot. It's in a quaint village type area. The entrance is super cute!

The menu has a blurb about where they get their food from supporting local and organic companies whenever possible as well as making many items from scratch. You know it's a good place when they do that! Imagine if a chain restaurant described the origin of their menu items and ingredients? Yikes. "Welcome to -------- Restaurant, we serve the most economical food, usually leaving a big carbon footprint. Our tomatoes come from 25,000 miles away even though the farm down the road grows them because we have a contract with this giant food supply company. Most things are processed with less flavour. The eggs are from chickens that had no room to move around ... None of the food is made with love, it is made like a factory would make things - with no emotion, assembly line type of creating where our cooks have to replicate each dish according to a picture that was sent out from head office. .. etc, etc" 

We each had a beer. A Sierra Nevada. Delcious amber/dark beer that is full of flavour but not too hoppy. I like beer too much probably. 
Erica and I shared a veggie burrito. It was excellent. And huge. I like sharing because most portions are giant. We also shared a side of homemade wedge fries with their gravy. Very, very good. The burrito was one of the best I've ever had. It was fresh, filling, wholesome. The fries and gravy were the same. Awesome. 
By the  time I was leaving Gumboot I wanted to move to the Sunshine Coast and open a restaurant that was as good as theirs. It's gorgeous there.

Thanks JP and Erica for a great time, great food and great company. You guys are the best! 

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Edee said...

we each had 'a' beer? Yeah, yeah that's right, only one. I think you should put hyper-links to the restaurants websites on your blog - do you do that?
Thanks for having an amazing lunch with us!
miss you!
xoxo Erica.