Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen in Vancouver!

Yes, as the name indicates - this restaurant changes its menu daily! How inspiring! This is what is written at the front of the restaurant on a chalk board You have to admire the hard work involved in creating a new menu EACH DAY! I love it on many levels. A)everything is fresh that day. B)it insists on creativity and C)it relies heavily on what's in season and local. Love it! While we looked over the menu, the waitress brought over a homemade bread basket with olives, balsamic vinegar & olive oil as well as a bit of sea salt on the side. Nice touch! I really think it goes a long way when you give a complimentary little somethin' somethin' ... Here's another thing that is cool about this restaurant - you can either order things individually or you can have a six course culinary adventure where they surprise you with various local, seasonal dishes. If you're like me, you can say no to anything weird like organs (bleh) or sweetbreads or something yucky. The other thing is that everyone at the table has to partake in it in order to do it. There was not a consensus at our table so we decided to order individual meals but I thought the adventure sounded intriguing. Maybe next time. It was $65.00 per person. Here was the menu for the day : Tough call! I decided on the Northern White Bean and Double Smoked Bacon Soup - Haida Gwaii dungeness crab meat, burnt rosemary butter as an appetizer. It was delicious. It was a bean soup but tasted like a gourmet tomato soup with deep flavour - probably the smoked bacon and burnt rosemary butter. There was the perfect amount of crab. It really was a perfect soup but the BEST appetizer at the table was not mine. My boyfriend ordered the "Slow & Low" Braised Heritage Angus Beef Brisket and it was AMAZING. I can say the consensus at the table was that it was the best item on the table even among the entrees! I am always apprehensive ordering something with a sunny side fried egg on top. I love watching cooking shows like Master Chef and they often have meals with the perfectly cooked egg on top and when you cut into it the yolk perfectly runs all over the dish. Bleh. Sounds gross to me but this meal changed my mind on this. It was so delicious. I could've just eaten the beef brisket only and been beyond satisfied. I asked the waitress if they do the brisket often and she said they don't but that the chef is accommodating so you can email him and if he can get it at the market, he will make it for you. How cool is that??? The Kitsilano Daily Kitchen might be one of top ten restaurants I've ever been to. Maybe even top five. My friend Erica had the asparagus appetizer. The asparagus itself was good - fresh, first of the season but the lemon hollandaise was a little too lemony. It was also $12.00 which we both thought was weirdly overpriced compared to my $10.00 insanely delicious soup with crab! Pretty presentation though! Two of us ordered the same entree - Rare-Seared Heritage Angus Butler Steak - butter poached asparagus, sauteed Island mushrooms, sauce Charon (which is bearnaise sauce with tomato paste) (according to the world wide web - bearnaise sauce is - clarified butter, egg yolk, vinegar, crushed black peppercorns, shallots, tarragon, parsley, salt, Cayenne pepper, lemon juice) I like my steak medium-well which hard core steak people get almost mad at me for which is a bit much don't you think? I asked for it at least medium as a healthy compromise between the menu description of rare and my desire for medium-well. Then I got bullied into medium-rare. Fine. I'll do it. It was very good but not close to how good the brisket was. But it was very good. Again, it tasted fresh, moist, flavourful, but you know when you have something you liked a lot more before in the appetizer? It's a tough act to follow. My friend Erica ordered the tuna and we both agreed it was fine but nothing to write home about. Coincidentally Erica had just made me seared ahi tuna at her place and it was better than the restaurant but that could be because I like the searing style vs the cedar planked style of cooking. Either way, I liked my steak better and I think she was a little disappointed in her choices. Having said that, she said she wants to go back with her fiancé to have a special night out. Awww. Is this getting corny? The Kitsilano Daily Kitchen is the kind of restaurant I love blogging about because they go that extra mile. It is an extraordinary restaurant that does things differently, original and insists on daily creations. Love it. I will definitely go back next time I'm in Vancouver.

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Bruce Mohun said...

Have you tried the Farmer's Apprentice on 7th near Granville?
Oh My God! Challenges my 'best meal' gold medal that went to a four star French restaurant near Lyon. (Silver Medal to Lumiere, circa 2000)

Bruce Mohun