Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beer Fest in Toronto!!!

I love beer. I have an interest in different types of beers- local, micro breweries- so when I saw there was a beer fest in Toronto... I was into it!

The ticket was a bit steep I thought($50.00) but you get some tokens for that and a souvenir mug. It was a glass mug too - which I love because it's environmental and because you use it the day of to keep tasting different beers. Things taste better in glass.

Most of the beers cost one token for a half of a mug. The mug was about 6 ounces I think. Which does not seem like much but add up a bunch of those tastes, in the hot sun, on an empty stomach and tipsy-ness will happen.

There was a HUGE line up! (pic below) to get in. It's a popular event. They randomly look in peoples bags and purses. I saw one guy's marijuana cigarette get confescated. Disappointing for that guy. Oh well, at least there's beer!

There was almost every kind of beer there - from the good ol' stand by's like Moosehead and Mill Street but my quest was to discover a new favourite. That new favourite for me was called the Railway City Dead Elephant India Pale Ale! I am not an expert but I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur. My friend Christina Walkinshaw (also known as @walkinsauce on twitter) is a bit of a connoisseur herself and it was her favourite too. I am reminded she is a connoisseur everytime she belches. And that is often. Dead Elephant is easy drinking with character. Caramel with some hops but not too bitter!

Eventually you've got to eat guys... So I stopped everthing for a moment to get a "healthy" "Dawgfathers" hot dog. Their motto is "no lips and nothin' below the hips!" That makes me feel better eating a hotdog knowing that there's no lips. Pretty much you can leave the lips out of any meal I have and I'm happy. Anyway, the bun was buttered!! Honestly butter makes everything better. It is my "go-to" when I've cooked a dish and it's lacking something. Add some butter and it tastes better!

It really was one of the best hotdogs I've ever had!

I liked the beer festival but I'd like it even more if there were more places to sit. It gets a bit tiring walking around on a hot day for hours drinking beer. These are lucky problems to have. I know, cry me a river...

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