Monday, September 24, 2012

Authentic Newfoundland food! Yes! Best kind!

Just flew back from Newfoundland and boy is my liver tired. Get it? They drink a lot there.
The last couple times I was in St. John's I had wanted to try some authentic local food but ended up just eating at Subway and Boston Pizza. Which, in all honesty is consistent but not exactly exciting.
So, I really made an effort to ask the locals about authentic Newfoundland food and the consensus seemed to be Velmas or Beachy Cove.
So, on Friday we went to Velmas on Water street. Cute little unassuming place - good start - often exceptional restaurants are plain looking - the food is the star there.
The waitress was super friendly like a true Newfoundlander. She recommended the fish cakes and the Cod au Gratin, telling me that they are Velma's specialty. It's cool when you go to a place with a name in the title of it and that person is actually the chef. Also the locals the night before had told me that it is unique to have cod in fish and chips- because most places outside of Newfoundland use haddock and halibut for fish and chips.

I ordered the fish cakes. If I was brave I would've ordered the cod tongues. It seems a bit less gross to eat a fish tongue than another kind of tongue - like cows tongue but it's still too weird for me...

The fish cakes were good but I liked the Cod au Gratin (my friend and fellow comic Karen O'Keefe had ordered) and I also liked Julien Dionne's (also fellow comic and bf) lunch - Fish Burger better.
The Cod au Gratin doesn't sound like something I would like but whoa baby it was good. It was decadent without being sickeningly rich. Julien's fish burger was the same - of course it is deep fried but not greasy and heavy - fresh and light tasting. VERY good! So, I was jealous of other peoples meals. Good thing I force people to share with me...

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