Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jitterbean Cafe!!!

CBC Radio was doing a story about a cafe in Moncton that was potentially threatened by two bigger coffee companies coming into the neighbourhood. I'm sure you can guess what big coffee companies I am referring to. Well, at least one ... and the other one is Second Cup.
I am not as critical when it comes to Second Cup because they are a Canadian company that has had to try to fight for their existence themselves against said "other" company coming in from the U.S.
Turns out, the owner of "Jitterbean Cafe" said that she has not been affected by the new corporate presence; that her business is still going great because of a loyal local regular customers.
Obviously I had to check this place out!!!
So we go there and it's super cute right away. Nice atmosphere! Pretty decor! Definitely a nice place to grab a coffee and read a book or write.
I see Pumpkin Spiced Latte on special. I want to try it. Wonder if it's as sweet as the "other" places seasonal latte treat. I ask for it but would like to not have cow's milk (I like cows milk but it doesn't like me). The woman working there, who as it turns out is the owner - nice! a hands on nice owner who is friendly. Refreshing! So, she asks if I want almond milk in my latte. ALMOND MILK?!?!?!?!?! Yes I do! Wtf though? I've never found a coffee place that serves almond milk. Amazing. I wondered why the "other" place didn't have an option of almond milk since almond milk has become a lot more popular than soy milk over the last few years. I guess it's because they are all corporate-y - If that "other" place tried to bring in almond milk it would be a giant deal - have to be approved, paper work filled out, everything done in triplicate... on and on and on. ....
I had never had a latte made with almond milk. I was excited to try it. It was very good. Listen. Nothing replaces cows milk if you're used to it but almond milk is pretty darn good, especially since it's unsweetened and it's really good if the alternative is NO LATTE.
Here's another cool thing about Jitterbean. They have a book exchange. They operate on the honour system. Honour??? Wow. I have made a note to go back with a couple of books next time I am there. It's a cute thing to have there, and its smart on the owner's behalf - people come back to bring books! Ok, maybe not everyone but the ones you'd want for your clientelle... like me!
Check out the pictures below!
And check out the cafe in real life if you're in Moncton! They have grilled paninis too and other food stuff!
I am glad I went to Jitterbean.
I left with a book, caffeinated and a feeling that everything might be ok with the world

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