Thursday, May 31, 2012

Burgers!!! Part 1!!!

After a really intense workout the other day I was famished. I get ridiculously hungry after I workout and have to eat immediately. I also had to return something at the Eaton Center. Am slowly turning into my mother - The Queen Returner. I'm trying to resist it but it's a very powerful force. Aaaarrrrggg. Anyway, so I dared to go to the food court. Yikes. I'm passing by all the different food options - too deep fried, will make me sick after, too bread-y, too processed, too risky, and what is that? I finally decided on a place called "Big Smoke Burger".
There was a long line and they had organic burgers! Good sign all around. It ended up taking a longer time than most food court options. Also a good sign. Oh, you mean its not already prepared and warmed up in a microwave? I am out of here, thank you very much. I have really important and time sensitive things to do like check twitter.
Anyway it was hands down the best thing I had ever eaten in a food court. I know that doesn't sound like I'm saying much but it was good. Period. Food court or real restaurant good! I am starting to realize that a good burger is a messy burger... And it was a messy, sloppy burger. Fresh, saucy, smoky... Yummy. Good job Big Smoke Burger!
Hope this is a sign of the times for food courts everywhere. Just cuz we're shopping doesn't mean we don't care about what we eat. We need good fuel to keep on purchasing. Have you ever been to H&M on a busy day?!!? Now for Burger place #2... "Hero Certified Burger" I've seen Hero burger places all over Toronto but had never tried one.
Post workout I tried one out ( I guess it's true what they say -your body needs protein after a workout). I like how Hero has this written on their wall - •Contains no additives or preservatives •Raised Free Range •Observes strict adherence to eliminating growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics •Graze on the finest grasses, fodder and select feeds with no animal by-products •Fully traceable from pasture to plate •Guaranteed to be of authentic Angus descent •Reared using sustainable environmental stewardship •All Beef Burgers are Certified Halal . That's pretty cool but the burger - nothing to write home about. Especially after Big Smoke! NO COMPARISON! The hero burger had a processed looking texture - it looked like a veggie burger. So much so I even asked the guy working there if I had accidentally gotten a veggie burger. He said no, that's definately a beef burger. Ok. Hmmm... It was just over all dry, bland and I didn't even finish it. Look at the picture of it. It does not look good...
They're not my hero, certified or not! It could've been a bad day or the guy working there might have lied and it was a veggie burger. I don't know but I will try them again. Besides, not everyone can be a hero everyday.

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