Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mill Street in Ottawa!

I am from Ottawa so I am familiar with the building the Mill Street Brew Pub is in. In fact my parents had their first date in that building. Awwwwww! Cute! It was called "The Mill Restaurant" then. I have heard that the Mill Restaurant in its day was THE place to be. But this blog is not about the old Mill restaurant. It is about the current inhabitants - "The Mill Street Brew Pub".

It seems to me that this building used to be an actual mill years ago. It's interesting. Anyway, I remember seeing the sign for the Mill Street Brew pub coming soon. It seemed to take a long time to open but I have to say I can kind of see why it took a while. The place is really nice and big. It probably needed a lot of renovations and fixing up.

I really like Mill Street beer. I am drinking a Mill St. Organic as I type this blog! I had read some good reviews on line about the pub and had also heard that it was really busy. Both were true. There was a waiting list at 4:30pm on a Saturday! I'd kind of understand if it was a small place that was easy to fill but this place is HUGE! Impressive how successful their business is. It's got to be good!

I was with my sister. Waiting for my other sisters to get there. I have a lot of sisters. They got lost. Women drivers! (is what our brother would say if we had one) It is kind of in a weird location in their defense. So sis and I ordered the drunken crab and spinach dip. It was good but sometimes seafood-y stuff tastes a tad too fishy and that's how I felt about that dip. Maybe it's just subjective. I know some people are thinking - well, it's crab. What did you expect it to taste like? But I think a lot of other people (with discerning palates) know what I mean. Right? Anyway, it's not like I'm saying it was bad because it wasn't. It was fine. Just a touch too fishy flavoured... ( sorry no picture because I wasn't super into it)

My sister was pregnant and got a non alcoholic beer that she said was really good and is rarely at places. So she was excited. She is a big boozer so when she's pregnant she becomes an expert at non alcoholic beers. Haha. Hope she reads this!

Its the first picture at the bottom of this blog! Other pregger ladies and nerds might recognize it. haha. I hope nerds read this!

My sister and I decided to get two things and share them because we are girls and we like to share. We got a burger with cheese ( I think it was provolone), mushrooms and fried onions. It was really good! I'm glad we shared it because there is no way I'd be able to eat it on my own. The burger tasted fresh and delicious. It was messy which in the previous blog is slowly becoming an important indication that the burger is good.

We also shared a spinach salad with beets and goat cheese. It was good but the burger and fries overshadowed the salad. It's like going to sit on a patio to drink beer after the gym - what are you going to remember and like the most? I feel like the salad was a way for us to order the burger and fries and feel ok about it. Even though there is lettuce and tomato on the burger! That's like salad. Sort of.

Oh my goodness. How could I forget? I ordered the fleet of beers. It's four beers delivered on a paddle type thing with holes in it where your beer goes. Here is a picture!

I chose the coffee porter, the tankhouse, (which I have had a bunch of times but love it so back off) the irish red (cuz I'm a redhead) and the stout. They were really good. Burp.

It's a nice thing for the customer to get those cute little beers served that cute little way but you could tell the server was not a fan. I can see why. I was a server for a long time before I became a famous comedy star and I would've HATED that too. Not as bad as making hot tea for someone but right up there on the annoying scale.

I really liked all the beers I tried but tankhouse was my fave.

I've heard that the servers at the Mill St. Ottawa make a lot of money. I believe it. It almost makes me want to throw away my decadent lifestyle as a comedian and throw my apron back on. ALMOST.
But, really, I admire Mill Street - the brewery, the business for their success. They are obviously doing something right. The place was buzzing and the beer and food are great! Good job. I will definately be back.

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