Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Before going to Winnipeg I did some interviews to promote the fest. One of my interviewers named J.D. Renaud - was well researched - he had read my blog and got a sense of what kind of food I like and recommended a place called "Boon Burger".
Can't thank you enough J.D. !!! I was beyond impressed with Boon Burger. At first when he recommended it, I thought it was a burger, like meat burger place but with organic, grass fed beef but no! It's the first vegan burger bar in Canada! Cool. I was so excited to try Boon Burger. I looked at their website to pre-choose what I would order. They have a nice selection of burger types. I chose the - grilled boon patty: packed with fresh cremini mushrooms, brown rice, onion, garlic, lemon juice, organic tofu and oats, perfectly seasoned with basil, oregano, salt and coarse black pepper. Then you choose the type of burger you want in terms of toppings. I got the - NEW bacun cheese* burger grilled boon patty,mayo,dijon,a slice of daiya cheddar,smokey bacun,pickles,red onion,tomato and lettuce. $7.95 It was awesome! I had read some reviews on line about how their buns wall apart while you're eating the burger because they make their own buns there and they are uber fresh. And they were right. It did fall apart. But so what??? I can use a knife and fork. I'm not an animal.
Speaking of animal they have this picture on the wall -
... just to remind you of what you're NOT eating! I had the burger with sesame fries. They were great too. The prices were very reasonable. Especially since it was way too much food for one person. I could've shared it FOR SURE. For a coffee, burger, fries it was about $13.00. Yeah, sure, you could go to a fast food chain and get a burger for a loonie but what the??? Shouldn't a burger cost more than a dollar? The coffee was so good too. It was a nice, strong, brewed as a fresh individual cup in an espresso machine. I think it was an Americano. The picture of the coffee is next to a dinosaur. Don't worry, it's not a real dinosaur. That's impossible - they went extinct! It's what they give you to put on your table so they know you're waiting for food. Cool idea. There's some restaurants that have really slow service that I wished I had a dinosaur to wave in the air - "hello? I have been waiting an hour for my nachos! Roar!". The coffee was served with soy cream of course because there is NOT ONE THING THAT IS DERIVED FROM AN ANIMAL AT BOON BURGER. And I know there are a lot of stubborn carnivores that roll their eyes at that and think it's weird but I think it's a HUGE accomplishment. Especially since it's very delicious. Really! Not delicious for a vegan burger. But delicious. Period.
They also have homemade vegan ice "cream" which I would have loved to try but was going to burst from fullness. The food was fantastic, the vibe was so nice. Loved Boon Burger. Have I said that yet? The sweet girl who served me told me that they are opening up a second location. I guess business is good! And I can see why. Bravo Boon Burger! Ah, I love ending with alliteration!

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