Monday, April 23, 2012


Being on the road is hard. Everyone knows that. I'm not telling you something you don't know. Sometimes you stay in a really nice hotel - For instance, I was staying at the Fairmont Hotel for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. BUT there really wasn't anything close by on the weekend to eat/get coffee. The Fairmont has good food. But you don't want to be ordering room service left, right and center. It's pricey! I do love room service though. It's so decadent. I want food. Bring it to my room. I'm going to be in my pajamas. You will come right in my room. There might be underwear on the floor. I will pay a mysterious room delivery charge on top of tipping you too much. I feel so naked and awkward when some dude comes in my room to bring me food. Even if he is wearing a bow tie. You know what's not awkward? The tiny ketchup my meal came with. Aw. Tiny ketchup ... I'm getting ahead of myself... Quick shout out to West Jet and the awesome flight attendant - Tyler. Amazing conversation and bonding. Tyler recommended a cute bar that seemed stuck in the 80's (but in a good, fun way) called Baileys - behind the Fairmont. I went there immediately for a half pint of Fort Gary Dark beer (local) and a club sandwich with fries. Club sandwich is often my go-to on the road. Pretty reliable. And fries - do I have to explain why I get fries??? The next morning I ordered the room service I was talking about in paragraph one. I got breakfast. Poached eggs, bacon, gluten free toast (I have a little wheat intolerance like a nerd - so when I can - I order gluten free). I have to give them big time props for having GF bread! Impressive because that is so rare. It also came with potatoes. . The eggs were good, bacon good... potatoes, not so much. They were so boring. Just deep fried chunks. No seasoning. No herbs. No onions etc. WTF?!?!
Saturday during the day my friends Don Kelly, Rebecca Kohler and I went to a place I had heard from another comic - Fraser Young. "Yellow Dog Tavern". Here's a pic of us (blurry - oops)
It was right next to the Burton Cummings Theatre where I had just taped my Debaters (CBC) - (which I won - but that's not important).
At the top of the menu at the Yellow Dog it says that they try to use local foods wherever possible. Nice! I had the "Stir Stick Stout" by "Half Pints Brewing Company. TASTY! Off to a good start!
I ordered the California Club Wrap - chicken, lettuce, tomato, avacado & capicollo. Capicollo!?!?! Nice twist and super tasty! I really liked it. The only thing that I would modify at all was the garlic mayo on it. I like garlic mayo but it was a little too much for me.
The Winnipeg Comedy Festival has great parties every night after all the shows are done. Complimentary food and drinks!! That's a classy way of saying - it was FREE GUYS!!! Saturday night we went to a place called Santa Lucia Pizza. Was so hungry! They had a Mexican pizza that I really enjoyed. I LOVE spicy food! It was old school type pizza. Plenty of cheese, thick-ish crust. It tasted very fresh. Yum.
Sunday night was the final night of the festival. It's always sad when the festival ends. It's an intense few days with comic friends you don't always get to see. The last was a ridiculous amount of fun. BOWLING! Haven't bowled in a long time. SO MUCH FUN! Sunday during the day I went to the highlight of my trip food wise. I am going to do a separate blog about it because I feel it deserves its own blog! ... The Winnipeg was amazing. Thanks to everyone for a truly great experience!

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