Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vegetarian food in Moncton New Brunswick

Between my gig in Halifax, NS and St. John's NFLD, I spent a few days in Moncton, NB. Love Moncton. I love the people and the feel of it. There is a quaint-ness, a simplicity, an innocence that makes you feel ok about everything.

This one day in late November I was Christmas shopping and needed some lunch in the midst of it all. What better way to fuel up in a filling yet healthy way than at a vegetarian restaurant? A lot of people think vegetarian food is all rabbit food but I think they're just not informed. Vegetarian cuisine can be hearty and diverse!. Some of my most favourite restaurants are vegetarian. Which brings me to - "Calactus" in Moncton, NB.

I had heard of Calactus by a few people in Moncton but had never been able to make it until now. It has a really nice atmosphere inside. I ordered the veggie burger and it was great! I often choose to have gluten free when I can, especially at a vegetarian type of place because they often have good gluten free options. So, I got the veggie burger on a gluten free wrap which looked a little weird but tasted great. Veggie burgers can be very filling because they often have beans in them so a lighter, gluten free "bun" or wrap in this case is a nice choice.

My burger was served with tasty roasted potatoes and a Caesar salad. Both the potatoes and salad were really fresh and had that made from scratch taste that I appreciate so much.

I look forward to going back to Calactus and trying something different. Maybe next time I will try the veal. Get it? I'll be here all week.

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