Monday, January 9, 2012

3 SISTERS in Alta Vista, Ottawa

A few weeks ago I met my sister for a workout. After, we were trying to decide where to go for lunch. The gym was in her hood so I wasn't sure where to go so we were discussing in the change room. Another lady overheard us and suggested a place called "3 Sisters". My sister had never heard of it but the person recommending it was going on about how great it was so ... OK! Let's try it!

We drove there and honestly I would've missed it because it's in a strip mall. I have nothing against strip malls but I don't think of them as a place for good eats. The strip mall seems like a home for drycleaning and maybe a bank or Subway or something.

I LOVE to find great places hidden in a location that you would never guess would be a good restaurant. There I go ruining the suspense. Yes! It was great!

I could tell 3 Sisters was going to be good as soon as I walked in. It had a whole array of homemade desserts and pastries along with a menu of gourmet sandwiches and soup. It was decorated nice too. Tasteful and original looking. There's a picture on the wall of the 3 sisters the place is named after. I like that too. Who doesn't like a good story behind a meal? As opposed to a faceless giant chain restaurant. "So what's the story behind "ABC Burgers"?" "Well, some rich guy owns it who lives in Wichitaw Cansas and he's never been here before.". "Touching! Now give me my processed meal that was flown in from who knows where."

I was looking on line for more information about 3 Sisters - ie. what's the story behind the name? Did all three have a background in the restaurant industry? Why this location? etc. etc...
I tried to find a website and there was nothing so I called asking what their site was and they don't have a website! Crazy. But the person who answered the phone was one of the sisters! She said that she's trying to keep their business intimate and local and their priority is not in website creation at this time. You gotta love it! I didn't catch her name but she said that she was in marketing before opening up the cafe. She decided to open a cafe in Alta Vista because it's where she grew up. I didn't get much info but she was very nice and approachable.

It seems to be that getting back to basics, meaning - homemade, fresh and locally derived food - is considered progressive now adays. It seems we have gotten pretty detached with the whole food system of things. Good for you 3 Sisters for making an effort to bring a high quality product for people in your neighbourhood! Impressive!

I also like that they have a lot of gluten free options.

It was kind of fitting that I went there with my sister... We decided to each have an Americano - very fresh and good coffee! We shared a chicken sandwich that was described as having arugula, tomato, on a fresh bun, grilled. We each got our own soup - vichyssoise - which is usually served cold but we chose to have it heated up. Both the sandwich and the soup were very good, fresh and homemade tasting. The only critisism I had was that it was lettuce and not arugula. This sounds nitpicky but I love arugula. Arugula has a very distinct taste and was instrumental in why I wanted the sandwich. But that's just me. I still liked it even though it wasn't arugula but if you're advertising arugula - you should put it on my sandwich. That is such a minor complaint though because EVERYTHING else was great - from the service to the ambience to the food!

I'm going to bring my other sister next time! Oh, and there will be a next time! Really liked it!!!

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