Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year! I really took relaxing to the next level during the holidays. There's relaxing then there's lazyness. So needless to say, I am a little behind in my blogs. My aunt Theresa recently told me I have to blog more. So, being the good niece I am, here I am. Do people dedicate blogs to people? I dedicate this blog to my aunt Theresa. I am sure she is blushing with flattery right now.

So, one of my new year's resolutions is to be more productive. Here we are - Jan.2nd. Can everyone hear my new leaf turning over?

First week of December I was working in Halifax at the Yuk Yuks which is in the Westin Hotel. I really like Halifax and I like working at that location. It's a good hotel, the staff is nice, there is a grocery store, liquor store and lots of shops and restaurants near by.
The best was the Halifax Farmers Market located directly behind the Westin. What a great farmers market!!! Loved it!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's hard to eat good, healthy food on the road. The first night we were there I went to the grocery store and thought I could find something in their prepared foods to eat other than salad. I was wanting a warm meal. The selection was fried, battered and beige. It looked so beige I had to take a picture of it. It's below. I don't think there's anything in nature that is naturally beige. Anyway, I am not so hard core that I can't enjoy a good fried chicken but when everything is - that's gross.

On Saturday, my friend Geoff recommended we go to the farmers market. He took me to get a breakfast wrap. It was very good.
I liked my experience at the market so much that I went back a couple hours later and had a second breakfast. Both times I shared the breakfasts ok. So, stop judging.
The second trip I went to a different place to eat called "Selwood Green Farm". I think it was called that. I actually didn't see a name of a restaurant or anything just saw that the food was from there. We got a kale omelette. DELICIOUS! But what was so impressive was that it is all food supplied from the organic farm that they farmed themselves! Here is a link to check out an article on it -

They don't have a website. I feel they should so they can promote and inform but they're busy creating organic produce. So, I guess they have a good reason. I was so inspired by this farm that I checked out an organization that was linked to them called SOIL. They have an apprenticeship program where you can learn how to farm in exchange for room and board/ food. If I go missing look for me at Selwood Green Farms. I might become like Roseann Barr and turn into a nut farmer.

Below are some pictures in weird order and all is one spot because I am using my new ipad for the first time and the app I am using is weird. I will work out the kinks but for this one blog - this is a description of the photos -
one is obvious - the sign of the farmers market.
one is an arial view of the market.
one is of the kale omelette
another is of the fried beige selection at the prepared food counter of the grocery store.
The last is a picture of the breakfast burrito I had...

Love Halifax. Love Selwood Green Farms. Love Farmers Markets!

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