Friday, December 23, 2011

you can't beat Vera's meat

I am not being a perv. That's their motto! It's on their sign! "Vera's Burger Shack"'s motto!

I travel a lot and try to pack a lunch just because airports usually don't have good food and when they do it's 75 bucks for a crouton but I had a connection in Vancouver! Which means good selection of healthy fresh foods! I love Vancouver! Yay! Look it's Vera's Burgers!!!

I used to live in Vancouver a few years ago and LOVED Vera's Burgers. I sometimes feel grossed out eating meat that I am unsure about - ie - treated poorly? Unsure of the ingredients... So, that's one of the reasons I LOVE Vera's so much. They have an organic burger! That's a very rare thing to see in a burger place. Not only is it better for your health to eat organic meat but also better for the environment and the animal itself. It is a few dollars more but let's remember - this cow gave its life so you can enjoy a meal so it's a small price to pay. Ok, off my soap box for now...

I just googled Vera's right before I started writing this blog and stumbled upon an Ottawa location! Exciting! In Bells Corners for those of you who are in Ottawa - you should go and try it!

There are many different concoctions of hamburgers at Vera's meat-wise and toppings-wise. For instance they have a turkey burger or specialty burgers like the bbq burger - provolone, fried onions, bacon, bbq sauce. Mouth watering yet?

I've had the bbq burger before and it's delish! so good! But most of the time I just get an organic burger and choose my own toppings from the extensive selection - such as - guacamole, fried mushrooms or roasted garlic. I don't want to forget Vera's sauce which is a type of yummy garlic mayo they put on for no extra charge. Yes please! Load it up.

They have really good onion rings, french fries and poutine (in case you feel the burger with all that Vera's sauce and bacon is not enough caloric-ally)

Incidentally, the burgers are really filling and big so you can share! You probably won't want to. You'll probably rather eat more than you should and get a stomach ache.

This is a picture of their veggie burger I had. (and by the way - I always forget that I need to take a picture of my food for the blog because I am too excited to eat or am starving and dig right in so this pic is a bit weird because I tried to make it look like I hadn't taken two bites out it already by accident. I'm such a loser.)

This was the first time I've had the veggie burger at Vera's and it was really really good. I didn't miss the meat. So, I guess...... you can't beat Vera's fake meat too!

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