Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pagliacci's! Hey! (Victoria, BC)

It took me about 10 times to say and remember the name right. Pagliacci's, pagliacci's, pagliacci's!

Once again, was recommended to go to this restaurant by a local. I was working at "Hecklers" in Victoria - excellent comedy club by the way! Russ Kennedy - a funny comic now living in Vancouver - was doing spots all weekend and is also a former resident of Victoria so he knows the city and knows where to eat. He said "if you want to go to one of the best restaurants in Victoria, we should go to Paggliacci's" Ok! Let's go! Any time anyone gives a ringing endorsement like that - I'm in! ... but then he continued " prepared for bread overload." Ok, I'm ready.

So, we went for a late lunch and there was a line up. That's a good sign. We got the best table in the house. Tucked in the corner with a view of the restaurant.

Our server was nice but a bit scattered. I am going to be gender ambiguous so that I will still protect this individual's identity. You know when you're served by a server who gives you WAY too much information about his/her life? I actually don't need to know anything really - unless it has to do with you liking the wine I'm asking about. Which brings me to the "TMI" moment. We ask him/her if a certain white wine is dry and he/she tells us he/she doesn't know because he/she quit drinking. Oh boy. Here we go... I am not being insensitive but come on! If you're a vacuum salesman tell me which vacuum sucks the best. - " I don't know, my wife does all the vacuuming while I bring home the bacon." Yeah, well, you're not going to bring much bacon home with a sales strategy like that cave man.

Anyway, so we heard about how the server went to rehab, how he/she was frazzled that day because it was so busy. Come on! I'm about to pick up the tab here for a reasonably expensive lunch with some friends I haven't seen in a long time and your detoxing is cramping my style and doing nothing for my palate.
Even though I was annoyed it did make for an interesting experience. It takes all kinds. I guess if everybody was perfect the world would be a boring place. But still, come on! Am I alone on this people???

Ok, so I order the -

"Last Chicken in Paris" -
Chicken in a Marsala wine and cream sauce, tossed with mixed fettuccine,
red and green peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts,
green onions, basil and parmesan cheese.
Brando used extra butter.

It came with a choice of soup, garden salad or Caesar salad. I chose garden because my friend Russ forced me to. And then absolutely insisted I have the parmesan dressing. Ok, ok!!

Then the bread came! Whoa! DELICIOUS!!! This is going to sound strange but the bread was the star of the show. It was very unique. I have never had bread like that. You think ... how could bread be that different? It was like a donut had sex with a baguette and then brought in some herbs and olive oil to join the party.

Then the salad came. The dressing was the second best star of the show - the best supporting actress (I know, corny). Then Russ said - "dip your bread in the dressing". Ok. Whatever.
He was right - whoa!! So good. I could've just ate salad with bread and been really decadently happy.

Oh, no, now I've gotta eat a creamy pasta. Yikes! But I'm tough and I got through it.
The pasta was ok. It was just ok because it was unneccessarily too oily and heavy. I don't understand why chefs make cream sauces with such heavy cream - 35%!!! I've made cream sauces with 10% cream and it turns out really good and you don't feel like you've eaten .. well.. almost 50% fat.
Here is a pic of the pasta -

All in all though, it was really really good. I would definately go back. Thanks for the recommendation Russ!

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