Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NOODLE BOX in Vancouver, B.C.

This was my third time at Noodle Box. When I go to Vancouver there are a few places that I try to go to. One of them is Noodle Box. It's fresh, made to order and includes really high quality produce and proteins.

I forced myself to get something different. I have in the past always gotten spicy peanut stirfry. It's so good. This time I got lettuce wraps which were really good but I have to admit I kinda wished I had gone for the spicy peanut.

The other peeps with me each got spicy peanut. Probably just to rub it in my face. Jerks. Here is a pic of the yummy spicy peanut stirfry -

The Noodle Box has the option of organic free range chicken! That's a great option considering it's kind of a fast food place. There's no table service. You order at the counter and wait about 5-10 minutes for your food. It's worth the wait let me tell you.

I got a diet coke and it came in a GLASS bottle. Old school, good for the environment GLASS bottles. Love that.

The Noodle Box doesn't add MSG to their food AND they offer organic, non GMO tofu and organic/free range chicken. They also select ocean-wise seafoods and avoid farmed salmon!

If you're in Vancouver stop at the Noodle Box for lunch but know that the portions are really really big and could be shared or if you choose to eat all of it then and there, you won't be hungry for dinner. And if you do eat all of it at lunch and you are still hungry at dinner ... I don't want to judge but you might be eating too much. Judgemental!

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