Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chipotle in Erie, PA

Last weekend I worked at a really nice club called "JR's" in Erie, PA. I told my sister I was going and she said "oh, you're going to Erie on Halloween weekend? ... Eerie? on Halloween??? Get it?" Yeah, I get it and I'm going to use it as my opening joke because the people of Erie probably haven't heard anything that clever and original before, right? Wrong. They've totally heard it and were mad that I brought it up. haha. Well, at least I thought I was really funny. The shows went great. I met some AMAZINGLY nice, cool people there. Sooooo nice!

On my way into town I passed by a "Chipotle" Mexican Grill and made a plan then to go there for lunch the next day and write a blog about it. It's an impressive company. I saw the owner of Chipotle on Oprah and was so impressed that he has a fast food chain that is ethical and fresh and healthy.

Here is the sign that is up right when you walk in.

That's what I'm talking about! Wow. It says a lot about where we're at in our society where that's something that is out of the ordinary. Food with integrity. Well, yeah, it should've always been that way. Yeah, but it hasn't.

If any of the other more popular fast food "restaurants" put up a sign describing how they choose their food people would run screaming.

You choose if you want a burrito or a taco or a salad or a bowl - which is like a burrito without the tortilla. Then you choose vegetarian, beef, chicken or pork. I got the beef. The person making my burrito said that the beef is the spiciest. It wasn't very spicy for me but the mass public is sensitive I guess. Wimps!

You get to choose what you want on it, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, rice...
Here's a picture of some of the options -

Here's her putting my burrito together -

I got a little guac with chips on the side.
The guac was good but the chips weren't my favourite. I don't mean to complain because it's a great place but I find that's a common thing that a lot of restaurants screw up. The corn chips. I don't get it.

The burritos are HUGE so I only ate half. Here is a picture -

It was a good, fresh, healthy lunch. I love Mexican food. Love salsa. Love Guac. Love the full flavour of that cuisine!!!

I've already said it twice but I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the way that Chipotle conducts themselves. Way to show the other fast food companies how it can be done!!!

Here is their website

They have some locations in Canada!

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