Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Le Hibou - Wakefield Quebec

Yes, this is my third blog from Wakefield Quebec. So? I like it there, ok?
Le Hibou, for those of you who are not cultured like me... means The Owl in french....
(right now I've got a very pretentious smirk on my face)

It's a really cool looking restaurant overlooking the river. So beautiful. I've been to Le Hibou a bunch of times and always love it! In the summer they have a big patio that is arguably the best patio in Wakefield. If there was a competition they'd probably win. That's all I'm saying.

The only "meat" they have on their menu is fish. Which is not meat but I don't know how to phrase it... I feel weird saying the only "protein" they have is fish. Anyway you get it. As a vegetarian lover I don't miss the lack of meat on the menu especially since the food is so good.
My favourite hands down are the nachos. They make their own double smoked salsa! They smoke their own salsa!!! That's so original! I've never heard of that before. The first time I went to Le Hibou I smelt this amazing bbq-y, smokey smell and asked the waiter what that was and they said "oh, that's the nachos". Not what I expected but of course, I ordered them and they were delicious. They serve them with a chipotle lime sour cream. Sadly I don't have a photo because I made myself order something different this time. Here's their website - there's a picture of them on there -

I have a new favourite after going to Le Hibou the other day. Spicy Apricot Shrimp! Well, my second favourite next to the nachos. The sauce on the shrimp is so good. Just the right amount of heat and full of flavour. I even said to the owner, that if they seved it as a dinner with rice and maybe spinach on the side I would order that as my main course. Now I'm revising their menu. Who do I think I am?
Anyway, I shared it with two others (who incidentally said they were too full to have any but still ate some) who loved it too. You know something is good when you're full but you still eat it. Either that or you're a glutton.

Here is a picture -

My companions (mysteriously ambiguous) ordered the fish and chips and a grilled cheese. The fish and chips was really good. Especially the chips. Ah, the french fries are awesome and they serve them with this spicy mayo. French fries are one of my favourite things to eat. It's become popular to serve fries with various mayos and I am on that mayo train. I almost can't eat fries without a dip. They took something already perfect and made it even more decadent. Thanks for the extra calories whoever was in charge of that decision.

The grilled cheese was not your run of the mill. It had thin slices of apple, spinach and onion in there and probably other stuff but I tried to look up the ingredients on their website but they don't have it listed. It's one of the best grilled cheeses I have ever had. Served with fries and that awesome dip!

Don't you love how I eat every body else's food when I go out? Can I try your food please? It's not that I am a pig. I am a blogger. I have to!

Here's a photo of the grilled cheese. This photo will make you want to take a bite out of your computer. or Iphone. Or whatever you're reading this on.

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