Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Korean food in Moncton New Brunswick???

Yes! There is authentic Korean food in Moncton. But I dare you to try to find the place. I have no idea how my friends even ever discovered it. It's inside a convenience store behind a beaded doorway beside the chocolate bars and lottery tickets! Here's a picture of the place on the outside.

haha... and even if I did notice that it was a restaurant I would be too scared to try it without someone recommending it. That's for sure. Look at this picture - it's more up close and you can see it just says Korean Cuisine in english, french and korean of course. I don't think it even has a name. Crazy!

But it looks quite nice once you go through those magical beads...

This is what it looks like !!!

Who would ever think it's that cute inside? I would NEVER EVER.
So, our friends were late. It would be tacky to say their names ... Sophie and Laurent. Congrats to them and their new baby!
Anyway, they were running behind so the owner (who also served us) suggested we have a drink while waiting and pretty much told us what we were having. We wanted to have a Korean beer. Because when in Korea, or a convenience store... But he was all out. So he brought us a Korean "sweet juice" (kind of like a fruit punch) and a Molson Canadian. That was the theme of the night - he told us what we were having. I've never had such aggressive yet charming service. I say this about a lot of the great places I eat at but it really was like an event/adventure. A) I've eaten very little to no Korean food and B) there was a ton of character to the place and the owner himself.

He told us we were having pork dumplings share as an appetizer. Haha. And I'm glad he did because they were very tasty.

These are the dumplings...

And then he told us each what we were having for our main course. In fact, one of us ordered one thing and he said no. You will have this instead because it's your first visit and next time you try that. It was so funny. We all laughed really hard. I don't think he really understood why we were laughing. Either it's a cultural thing to be bold like that or that's just his personality. Or maybe Korean food is so unfamiliar to Monctonians that he just decides for you because it's intimidating to try to understand or pronounce "bi bim bap" (which is what I had).Whatever the reason, it was very entertaining.

Here is a picture of him and the meal he not only decided I was having but also poured the sauce on for me, mixed it up and fed me the first bite with chopsticks. I could barely take the bite let alone swallow because I was laughing so hard. We all were.

The food was fresh, satisfying and tasty. But I have to say that the highlight of the night was the owner/server's personality and the weirdness of the location.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Isac Korean Cuisine said...

I'm really glad you thought we were hilarious AND delicious! But we do have a name - it's "Isac" (eee-sack). We hope you come back again and we will tell you what to get NEXT. Come "like" us on facebook too. Thank you for your review! :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isac-Korean-Cuisine-on-St-George-Street/206397052714950

Anonymous said...

I used to work just around the corner and people from the office, myself included, ate there all the time. You can always count on fresh, healthy and very tasty food which is a great alternative to many other quick lunch options out there. The owners are also very warm and fun, making it one of my favorite places to eat in Moncton.