Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look out! It's "The Look Out" (Wakefield, Quebec)

In Wakefield Quebec there is a little restaurant above the "General Store" called The Lookout.
This is why it's called "The Lookout"...

The view is insane. Breathtaking. Relaxing. Centering.
I would think that's a lot of pressure for the food to be as good as the view. It would be such a shame if you had a view like that and loaded tater tots on the menu. (call back from a previous food blog about Hooters).
Well, let me reassure you, the food is as good! It's fresh, local, homemade and delicious!
I haven't tried everything there but so far my favourite is their breakfast sandwich. They offer a choice of gluten free bread so I go for that. Not that you need to know everything about me but I have a wheat "sensitivity" so I won't die if I eat it but I try to avoid it if possible. Especially when the GF option is not too bad - which is the case at the lookout.
The sandwich has a fried egg, maple sausage and cheese. It's the best breakfast sandy I've ever had. I think it's the sausage. I've never tasted anything quite like it. I like it so much that I asked them where I could buy some for home and they said they make it there! Also, they don't sell it. I was disappointed at first but then thought maybe it's better to have it as a treat when I go there.

Here is a picture of it -

I don't think the picture does the sandwich justice. Maybe part of the reason is because it's gluten free bread. GF bread doesn't have that "fluffy" look. It's gluten free and fluffy free.
Like I said, sometimes I go for regular bread that regular people get to eat. Sigh. So a couple weeks ago I had a BLT on WHITE BREAD. Hmmm hmmm ummmm ummmm ummmm! There's nothing like white bread. What it lacks in nutritional value it makes up for in taste!
Incidentally the Lookout gets their bread from the bakery across the street. I've actually seen the baker walking down the street with loaves of bread to bring to the restaurant and store. This town is ridiculously awesome.

Here is the BLT

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