Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We were on our way (me and the talented and fellow comic Julien Dionne) to the Outer Banks Comedy Club in North Carolina. It's a nine hour drive from NYC so we decided we would stop somewhere along the way and have a snack and a drink. We had just crossed this insanely long bridge (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel) that feels like you are driving on top of the actual water. It's pretty cool. Anyway, we searched our GPS for nearby restaurants and ended up settling on the "Green Parrot Grille" on Lookout Drive in Virginia Beach. By the way, my gigs aren't always this awesome. Last month I was in Red Deer Alberta.

We decided to order some seafood because we were right by the water and when in Rome... We ordered Blackened Tuna Bites, (sorry the pic is fuzzy), Oysters Rockefeller and Blue Cheese Fries. The server recommended the tuna bites but either someone messed up in the kitchen or she has bad taste because they were gross. Fishy, well done when we asked for them rare. Yuck. You know when you're not only disappointed but also mad because you put something that disgusting in your mouth? Bleh. The server was very nice but when I asked her what seafood she recommended on the menu she said she couldn't help us with that because she doesn't like fish. REALLYYYYY!?!?!?! Either lie or ask someone else you respect (who likes seafood) to tell you - like another server or a regular customer or just tell us what's popular. If and when I own a restaurant I only would want servers who can sell the product properly. "Excuse me sir, which car do you recommend on the lot?" "Oh, I'd love to help you out, seeing as how I work here as a salesman but I ride the bus and don't like cars".

I wanted to try Oysters Rockefeller because I have seen it on menus before but never tried it. It's one of those old timey classics and I figured it would be a good place to try it. It was okay. Nothing amazing, nothing awful and DEFINATELY better than the tuna bites. But then again, so is poo on the ground. Maybe it's a bit of my fault because truthfully I feel weird biting into an oyster covered in stuff. I guess if I am going to eat an oyster I want to see it on the half shell or naked so I know what I am getting into.

The blue cheese fries were the best out of all the dishes but still were missing something. I sound very picky. I guess I am because I know how good food can be. Even simple stuff like blue cheese and fries. I felt that it was missing layers (I watch Master Chef). If I were making it, I would've put less blue cheese, added a few fresh chives and sprinkled a bit of fresh diced tomato on it. And maybe a bit of hot sauce for dipping on the side.

Having said all of this, the ambience was great. And my Bud Light Lime was only $2.25. All in all, I'd go back for sure. It's charming in there. The locals were really nice (we chatted with a couple guys having a smoke outside on our way out), and I have a feeling there's something on that menu that is very good. If the server liked food she might've been able to help us locate it.

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