Friday, June 17, 2011

FOOD ON THE ROAD BLOG (F-R-O-G) / "Five Guys Burgers and Fries"

When on the road it's hard to find good food. It's hard because you don't know where the good restaurants are like locals do - from word of mouth, trial and error, etc. For instance I was in Montreal a couple weeks ago and my friend (a local food lover too) took me to this diner type place that I would've passed by and would think - just another run of the mill diner type place with mediocre food. But NOOOOOO! That place was exceptionally good but who would know? It was called "L'Ancedote" and I will blog about it next time I am there...

Which brings me to a place I went yesterday - "Five Guys". Our friends Leslie and Ed told us about a well known burger place, here in Outer Banks, North Carolina. They said it is very popular and really delicious. They were right and then some!!!
Like "L'Ancedote", it's a regular looking type place... well, with lots of cars in the parking lot (indication of good food).

It was very busy inside, with a big line up. I ordered a cheese burger and here's how you can tell it's a good quality place - you can have fresh additions on it like sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, FRESH jalepenos, FRESH green peppers... you get the point their food is FRESH. Sounds like it should be a given but really, all it takes sometimes to stand out is fresh ingredients. Oh, and the toppings are FREE. FRESH and FREE!!!

It's more expensive than let's say, Burger King and you have to wait a bit longer (we waited about 10 mins after placing the order) but well worth the wait and the 5 or 6 extra dollars. It cost $18.00 for two of us to have a burger each and a generous portion of fries, a bottle of water and a soft drink.

I am kind of allergic to wheat so I only ate a couple bites with the bun (I know, lame) but honestly the burger itself is so good that you don't even miss the bun. I mean it. The bun almost gets in the way of how good the burger and toppings are. You can tell the quality of the meat is very good. It's tender and juicy.

The french fries are home cut and yummy. I recommend getting the small size because it's HUGE and enough to share for sure with someone else. I don't recommend getting cajun fries. The fries are so good that it gets in the way of enjoying the simple straight forward delicious-ness of them.

Simplicity is often the best. I LOVED Five Guys and am definately going back ... not next trip... today.

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John Giroux said...

Just discovered 5 guys in Kansas City... I am from Windsor, Ontario, and this burger reminded me of a Harvey's Burger... I enjoy your work...