Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reading Pennsylvannia

I am working a club this weekend in Reading PA. Never been here before. There's a weird conflicting vibe on the way into this town. You see stores advertising Amish furniture and then two seconds down the road there's a big sign saying they'll give you cash for your guns. Maybe that doesn't seem like a weird thing to the people of Pennsylvania but it is to me. A Canadian not used to the smaller nooks and crannies of the U.S. Amish furniture making congers up a visual to me of a wholesome, peaceful practice without the use of modern means (electricity). The gun, well, congers up shooting something. One is creating. The other is destroying. Anyway, maybe I am just reading into things too much but we also passed a town called "virginville". I betcha they have a lot of fathers with big guns there or it's just a big Amish community (with a lot of virgins making furniture trying to keep themselves busy so they don't have sex). ... I'll admit this is a weird blog but I kinda like it.

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