Sunday, June 19, 2011


Pier House Restaurant is in Kill Devil Hills - which is in Outer Banks, N.C. The restaurant is RIGHT by the water and there's a lot of pressure to be happy as you walk in and pass under the sign. I liked that sign as a former waitress because it encourages people to have a positive demeanor which trickles down and affects how you treat the waitstaff. Then again how can you not be happy when the view is the beautiful ocean??? And the bloody mary's are delicious?

Our friends Leslie and Ed brought us here for a birthday breakfast (it was Ed's birthday). It was Ed's choice, of course and he chose the Pier House. He said it was nothing fancy but good breakfast. Sounds good to me. The breakfast started off with a round of Bloody Marys. YUM. They were soooo good. The bloody Marys were the highlight for me. The food was great but sometimes it's the thing that you don't expect to even have let alone love that stands out the most. It was so good I got distracted and forgot to take a picture of the full version so this is just a photo of my empty glass. I can tell you it was perfectly spiced and included fresh horseradish. I want one right now just talking about it!!!

I chose to go for a traditional breakfast - eggs over medium, homefries, biscuit, sausage with a side of sausage gravy. Not exactly low calorie but super delish. Let's be honest, put sausage gravy on anything and it's so delish.

They offer a unique service at the Pier House - you pay a fee and you can go out on their pier and fish. If and when you catch a fish, you can bring it into the restaurant and they will cook it for you! How cool is that? I would like to do that next time but I don't want to do the gross fishing parts - like baiting the hook and gutting the fish. I really just want to drink Bloody Marys and look at the ocean. Ahhh. Heaven.

My visit to North Carolina was so much fun. The OBX Comedy Club (located at the Ramada Hotel) was great, I love that a lot of the restaurants use local food - seafood and insist on quality.
Looking forward to coming back next summer OBX!!!

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