Friday, July 15, 2011


I love good food and I love it when restaurants go that extra mile to ensure freshness, quality and are environmentally friendly/conscious of supporting local farms etc. When I am not on the road I love to visit Wakefield Quebec. It is a hidden little village that is 25 minutes from downtown Ottawa. I grew up in Ottawa and didn't really understand how awesome, peaceful and without sounding corny - magical this place is. As soon as I drive in and see the river I feel like my worries melt away.

One of the things I appreciate most about Wakefield is that it is a small town but is also progressive. You can enjoy a community where you feel safe, friendly people, nature everywhere but also enjoy a fair trade coffee at Molo's or a rice paper salad wrap at Pipolinka Bakery and least but not least - a beef stir fry with black bean sauce (beef sourced locally). Wow. Amazing. Not only can you feel ethically good about what you're eating, it is DELICIOUS.

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself... My mom had already told me that Soupcon was famous for their bloody ceasars. Kind of random for a thai type place but ... ok. I love a good ceasar. My mom would never drink a cocktail with vodka in it. She's no trollop... but I am! So, as we waited for our take out (which incidentally took about 40 minutes but well worth it - especially if you have a yummy ceasar to sip on) I got a ceasar. It came garnished with one chop stick which I thought was a straw at first. Embarrassing. It also came with a sprig of fresh mint - weird choice but worked and a tiny red chili pepper (which I didn't eat because I didn't want my mouth burnt off my face). It was maybe one of the best bloody ceasars I've ever had!! I guess if you're the kind of restaurant that insists on only buying sustainable seafood as well as local fruits and vegetables you can probably assume they're going to make an effort to be awesome overall.

We had singapore noodles with chicken (which they substituted rice noodle vs. egg noodles because of a gluten issue) and beef stirfry with black bean sauce. The stirfry was much better than the singapore noodles but that might have been the substitution that messed up the dish. It might been a lot better with egg noodles. Damn gluten - why do you make some things better? Annoying.

We got a "dinner for two" special that came with a spring roll and soup and was more than enough for THREE people - with some left over. And it was only $45.00 including my stellar ceasar!!

The food was fresh and full of flavour. I've heard from many locals that Soupcon is the BEST restaurant in Wakefield and I think they might be right. I got the feeling that the owners know it too. Their website says they open at 4pm so my mom and I went there to have an early dinner at 4:30pm. The server was a little curt with us and said it opened at 5pm. I told her the website said 4pm and she was like - in a "whatever" tone - well, it's 5pm. OKAY! I guess we'll go walk around for a half hour then miss friendly. So, after 30 minutes of time wasting we went back, ordered and then the server was friendlier - I wonder if it was because her boss was around. Annoying. Anyway, we order, she says it's going to be at least a half hour to prepare. Ok... this food better be good.

You know you have a good restaurant when you are only open Thursday to Monday from 5pm to 9pm and take 40 minutes to prepare a take out order. I actually kinda strangely like that they have this attitude. It goes to show you if you have an exceptional product, people don't mind waiting, attitude and restrictive hours. I think this place might be the Thai Nazi's (see soup nazi on Seinfeld)

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