Wednesday, May 18, 2011

forgive me internet

... it's been over two weeks since my last blog.
Sometimes I just don't want to say anything. Sounds like a weird thing for a performer to say but I like to just not talk/write sometimes. I need to recharge. I wasn't always like that. When I was a kid you couldn't shut me up. No need for recharging. That's such a kid thing. I just stayed at my friend's place and her adorable toddler was hyper, talkative, inquisitive, wanting to close doors, open doors, attach this train to that truck and drag it around the living room... on and on and on... He never felt the need to stop and recharge. Instead, he pushed himself to the brink - to the point where he started nodding off while eating his macaroni at dinner time. Aw.
My point is silence is golden but discipline is important too. I will try to do better and write more...

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