Thursday, December 6, 2012

I heart Montreal!!

Oh I love Montreal. There's something about Quebec that is so special. I hope they never separate from the rest of Canada because Canada will be way less cool. There truly is a joie de vivre there. Quebecers wear their heart on their sleeve. They are expressive without apology and what might seem tacky or inappropriate in Ontario is downright charming in Quebec. A couple weeks ago I was working at "The Comedy Works" in Montreal. If you're ever in Montreal you HAVE to go. The Works is the BEST comedy club in Montreal by far and arguably one of the best in the country! So, I started this food blog because I often find it hard to find good food on the road and like to rely on locals to recommend restaurants. There are a lot of challenges eating on the road - where and when. I don't want to eat too close to showtime because I'm amped up to do a show. The first night we were in Montreal it was 10:30 and I was starving - hadn't eaten since 3:00. The options late at night are limiting so someone recommended Dunn's. Almost ready to faint from starvation (ok, a little dramatic), no food at the hotel and unfamiliar with the area... Dunn's it is!
Dunn's on a Friday night at midnight is an interesting place. It's entertaining - like a dinner and show! I ordered a Reuben sandwich. It was INTENSELY big! I am not complaining but the amount of meat looked almost comical! How am I going to eat all this? No, like, how am I even going to fit this giant sandwich in my mouth to take a bite?
It hit the spot! Really good fries too! I'm sure there's a million other places to go in Montreal but if you're in a pinch and famished, go to Dunn's. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement but I mean it! It's good and you know what you're getting! Ok, so the next day I wanted something a healthier notch up from Dunn's. I looked on Urbanspoon and Yelp and finally after a lot of careful consideration and the limited amount of recommended places open for brunch AND even if they were open might not be able to get in because they're all booked with reservations etc, etc... We decided to go to a place called "Holder".
Holder is in Old Montreal which was also an incentive because it's eating and being tourist-y! ... it's Old Montreal guys! Just look at this picture and tell me if you wouldn't mind eating your eggs around it!
I ordered the smoked salmon platter with a bagel, capers, red onion and a salad. The night before I had smoked meat. The day after, smoked salmon. I've never had so many smoked things in one 24 hr period! Must of been all those people smoking in Quebec. It got me in the mood for all things smoked!
My meal was fresh, delicious, satisfying! The salad was amazing! So simple. Just baby greens! The vinagraitte was so light and PERFECTLY balanced with the right amount of vinegar to oil ratio. It's not easy to do. I was very impressed with the whole meal - especially the salad.
My bf ordered eggs benedict. It was served with "gratin dauphinois". I've never heard of that! Sounds good though! I looked up gratin dauphinois on Wikepedia- "This classic French potato gratin dish is world famous... this famous dish was created as a way of encouraging the "Dauphin" (the young prince destined to become King Henri II), to eat up his vegetables, hence the name!" Ok, a couple things come to mind - world famous dish? Embarrassing I've never heard of it. And also, potato is considered a vegetable? Check out a picture of the Eggs Benny, paying special attention to the gratin dauphinoise! Oh, and also really look at the fruit salad! This is a classy place for a simple farm girl like me. I'm not a farm girl but I felt like one while the French maitre de talked to me. Maybe I shouldn't have worn my overalls. I didn't wear overalls. I just thought it would be a funny visual along with the farmer reference and apparently I am addicted to lying now...
Alright... fast forward to the afternoon. I wanted to get a bit of writing done before the show. Perhaps write a hilarious new joke for the shows that evening. So I went to "Hurleys" on Crescent street. Beautiful street. Have I said I like Montreal yet? Look how pretty these pictures are of the exterior of Hurleys!
Inside Hurleys there are a thousand little nooks and crannies. Each little area has its own personality too. I wanted a quiet, tiny space where I could be alone and focus. You're thinking - go to a library Jen. Is there beer at libraries??? I found a perfect place.
Then a couple of douchebag-y guys (who were in town for UFC - sigh) came in and ruined the vibe with their gross-ness. But lucky for me I was almost done my pint. I also got some material about ridiculous wrestling enthusiasts! Cannot wait to go back to Montreal!

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PictureMe said...

We saw your show while we were up there for UFC! You were amazing! Come to New Brunswick!! <3