Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield Quebec!

Wakefield is pretty much my favourite place to be. It's a tiny village situated along a river. A river you can SWIM in!
It has that home town vibe but also progressive.
There are a few bars but my favourite and the most popular is Kaffe 1870. The Kaffe is on the corner as soon as you enter the village looking out onto the Gatineau River.
Their beer is always good. It's always cold, bubbly and fresh tasting. A lot of pubs cannot boast such consistency!!! They also have local Quebec beers on tap - my favourite - "Boreale Blond". It's a blond beer but with distinction. They can use that for their advertising campaign if they want.
My sister likes an IPA they have a lot. I'm not sure if it's also Boreale but it is wayyyyyy too hoppy for me. Tastes like a penny to me.
Anyway, my sister and I went in for lunch. We ordered a reuben sandwich and a portabello sandwich and we shared. The reuben was AMAZING. It was characteristically flavourful without being heavy. The portabello sandy was very good too with lemon pesto goat cheese on it and roasted red peppers. Both sandwiches served with potato chips. Here's the thing - I normally don't like it when places serve chips instead of fries but these were kettle brand chips. They clearly use good quality ingredients at the Kaffe. They also served homemade cole slaw that was ... you guessed it... fresh and delicious. And it was the mayo kind of coleslaw - I normally prefer the vinegar-y kind but their coleslaw converted me.
Aside from the food and fresh beer the Kaffe has great live music every week, an amazing view, great ambience, nice service. Ahhhh! I love it there. If you find yourself in Wakefield you HAVE TO GO THERE!!!

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