Friday, July 20, 2012

Moncton market meals (alliteration!)

I visit Moncton a lot. I really like it. It's got a quaint, small town vibe to it and the ocean close by. Also, my boyfriend grew up there so we go to visit his family a few times a year at least.

For a small city, Moncton has two really good farmer's markets! I love farmer's markets! I got the inside scoop from my BF about a breakfast sandwich at the Moncton market. He is a big fan. I was intrigued because there are very few things that he's ever said he likes enough to actually go out and make a point of getting.

So the first time I tried this sandwich I didn't do a blog about it because we got there late and they didn't have their signature cheese buns left because they sold out. A good sign! Even without the cheese bun it was really, really good.

This last trip there we made sure to go early - 11am. I am a comedian so to be out and about at 11am is early for me, ok?
So, we get there and I am pumped because I remember how good it was before and today I get to have the yummy cheese bun to boot!

There was a big line up - at least 15 people ahead of us. Another really good sign! The lineup is so long that it actually goes in front of the other vendor next to them. If i were that guy I'd be tempted to be like "hey...pssst... You want to buy a shwarma instead?"
The other vendor next to him must wonder what that place is doing so much better than his. I don't wonder. I know what it is. It's fresh, simple and delicious. It's amazing how many people miss the mark on those things. I guess people cut corners and think that it won't be noticeable. Well, it is.

As we inched about halfway to the grill (where they make the eggs) I placed my order to this nice, friendly man. I order two original "famous" breakfast sandwiches and asked the man when the line starts and ends in the day. He says it starts at 7am and doesn't end until 2pm! He goes on to say they sell anywhere from 65-70 dozen eggs in a day! That's 780-840 eggs!!! Wow. That's over 100 eggs per hour. Amazing! I asked him if his place had a name and he said " I've been on her for years to name this place... but at the other market, it's called Tammy's Breakfast". So I guess by default it's called "Tammy's Breakfast"?

It goes to show you that one of the most important things to be successful is an exceptional product. Imagine how successful she'd be with some marketing! And a name!

I get my sandwich and devour it in record time. It has an over easy egg, cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a fresh cheese bun. That's it. Nothing fancy just GOOD!!! They break the yolk purposely while frying it, which I like because ...ew, gross,- runny yolk when you bite into a sandwich. Am I right people?

Already looking forward to my next visit in the fall so I can eat another one of Tammy's sandwiches. Good job!!!

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