Friday, October 7, 2011


There are times on the road when I am just too tired to bother going to any effort or distance to get something decent to eat. I'm sure even Gordon Ramsay goes to Wendy's once in a while. It's Friday night, in Hamilton, Ontario (an hour outside Toronto) and I'm HUNGRY - haven't eaten since 2pm and it's post-show - about 11pm. The Yuk Yuk's is right next to a HOOTERS. Nothing makes you feel better about your career than playing next to a Hooters. The club and Hooters are also attached to a Howard Johnson Hotel - which incidentally was a gross hotel. The bathtub had cigarette burns in it! How is that even possible? Can you even burn porcelain? You guessed it - it was one of those plastic inserts that you put in. Bleh. Gross. Guess I won't be taking my pre-show bath that I love to do. Even if I had disinfectant to clean it I would not be able to relax thinking about some dude having a smoke while soaking. I picture a guy from the 80's, all decadent, with scotch. Anyway, I know weird imagination.
It was a non-smoking hotel! Non-smoking hotel! That's like saying no pets allowed and there's a big piece of dog poop on the floor.
I am not painting a luxurious picture of the road am I? Well, sometimes it's not the best. That's the truth.
So, I guess it seems fitting to have an 11pm "dinner" at Hooters. Deciding what to have was a process of - "what's the least processed, packaged, gross thing?" And believe it or not, we chose "Loaded Tater Tots". haha. At first we were going to get nachos but the waitress informed us that it's not real cheese on them - that it's cheese sauce. She told us because other people have complained when they got them, expecting real cheese. How dare them expect real cheese. Who are these people? The king and queen of England?
Anyway, the waitress tells me that the cheese sauce goes better with tater tots than the nachos. So that's what we went for. Ridiculous.

Here's a pic of them -

And even though are disgusting, they tasted kinda good. Junk food makers have the taste thing down pat. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they taste good compared to a made from scratch, fresh, non processed meal but there's something about foods like Big Macs, for instance, that can be pretty tasty. Sorry but they are. You feel like you might puke immediately after but it tastes good at the time.

And don't get me started on the waitresses there. Why would you work at Hooters??? Seriously??? I'll stop there. This is a food blog not a dignity blog.

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