Friday, April 22, 2011

American Idol

I hate to love American Idol. I don't want to like it ... but I do! Although I am embarassed about being a fan I have to say it's the coolest year. When I first heard that Steven Tyler was going to be a judge I immediately judged him for selling out as a rocker BUT he has not sold out. I now realize that selling out means to change who you are in order to make money and he hasn't done that. He is still himself - saying the "F" word, laying back, foot up on the table, saying inappropriate things. I love it. I always wondered why I felt crappy after comedy competitions or auditions where I did material and acted a certain way because I was imagining what "they" wanted - and of course ended up not doing well - because I wasn't myself. That's all. So, now if you don't like me, just remember you really don't like ME!!!

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Lee Stephenson said...

Who's your fav's to win this year? I like that Lauren chick. Went back and read all your blogs and its really nice that you do blogs because your so freakinnn funny!! Hope your day is going well!!