Sunday, January 26, 2014

Montreal / Just for Laughs Festival / FOOD / part two...

Ok, this blog might be a little over due seeing as Just for Laughs was the last week of July 2013 and now it is January 2014 but it's not because I don't care about it. Quite the contrary actually. This is probably the best restaurant experience I have ever had. Period. In my life. I have kind of a good excuse for being so bad at blogging. The fall and winter is really busy for stand up, I am writing a book (stay tuned for details) and I am really bad in terms of planning my time efficiently. Planning time efficiently is especially hard when you are a "good time Charlie" like me. I like to have fun, go out, hang out with friends so it's hard to squeeze in productivity between beers and chicken wings. So, here is my blog about my favourite restaurant experience in my life pretty much! After my run in with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes I was inspired to check out one of his restaurants in Montreal. Also I asked my friend Shannon who knows good eating and knows Montreal. She said go to "Le Bremner"!! Could I be so lucky to get a reservation??? I've heard lots of stories of people not being able to get into good restaurants in Montreal. But low and behold we got a reservation! My partner in crime for that week was Erica Sigurdson of course - funny fellow comedian and one of my best friends. We wanted a reservation for 5:00 so that probably helped our chances. How many people go out to eat that early other than families with kids or nerds who go to bed at 8:00pm? Or there's my type (party animal) who is up until 4am ... so 5pm dinner is like lunch time for us. Other people who apparently dine at 5:00 are also movie stars because Micheal Cera was there with his family. Sitting a mere 12 feet from us. We tried to play it cool like that's how we always roll. So, this was one of those dinners where I was just going to go for it. I'm not going to look at any prices (it is a bit pricier than I am used to but WELL WORTH IT), I am going to try things out of my comfort zone because this restaurant is going to be so good - I am in the capable hands of masters. In a restaurant that good with extraordinary cuisine and chefs everything is going to be good. So, I went there planning to say yes to things I normally shy away from. There was a peach cocktail on special so I said "yes, please". Peaches were in season in July so it's a great idea. Plus, I never have cocktails I usually go right to wine or beer but cocktails were meant to have before dinner so let's do this! it was, of course, delicious. Loved it.
I should backtrack a little bit and mention how cute and picturesque "Le Bremner" was on the outside. It was Old Montreal so there were beautiful cobble stone streets. I was glad I am not a high heeled shoe kind of a girl because that would be some tricky manoevering. Maybe wearing flats is not the sexiest but neither is falling on your face. Notice also in the picture that it's very inconspicuous and hidden. That's weird - if it's hidden how am I expecting you to notice it? I was told by someone that a bistro is traditionally in the basement, unassuming, often without even a sign. Which was the case of "Le Bremner".
It was really nice inside. I wouldn't say it was modest but it definitely wasn't extravagent. It was tasteful with really nice lighting.
Everything we ate was awesome but the highlight was the lobster pizza. It was incredible! Love pizza. Love lobster. I read some reviews on line that said the lobster pizza was too salty and I could've maybe had a tiny bit less salt but honestly I am just being nit picky. I am telling you, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Like I said, I was going in willing to try something different and being adventurous and I did just that. The pizza had a soft poached egg in the middle that poured open when you cut into the pizza. I don't normally like yolk that much. I am kind of grossed out by soft, runny yolk but I really loved it on this pizza. Here's a picture of it before runnyness and after!
I HIGHLY recommend going to "Le Bremner". Go! Au revoir!

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