Monday, February 18, 2013

Rose and Sons!

The Annex is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto. It is downtown but neighbourhood-y. There was a diner that had been on Dupont close to Davenport for years called "People Hamburgers". I don't know how long it was there but judging by the outside and the inside for that matter - it had been a long time! It had an old fashioned looking sign with lights all around it and a small friendly vibe inside. One day I was walking by it and it had an official looking notice on the window that said it was closing. Weird. Surprising. Sad - because you can't help but think it was a family owned restaurant that had been around forever. Who knows why it closed. After a few months, a new restaurant opened up. I had heard it was supposed to be very good. I looked up reviews and every review was really positive. Apparently the chef from The Drake was opening this new little place. I was anxious to try it! The reviews described the food at Rose and Sons as high end comfort food and many people wrote that they loved the patty melt so I went in thinking about that. I went there when I was off the booze so I had a ginger ale which came in a cute glass bottle. I like glass bottles - drinks taste better and it's not bad for the environment. My boyfriend had a tangerine juice! Different! I do feel weird and nerdy ordering juice and soft drinks while out for dinner. We ordered the cornbread as an appetizer. It was very good! It had a hot sauce drizzled on top with green onions sprinkled over it. It was grilled and had just the right amount of sweetness and moistness. I'd order that again for sure. For main courses - we got the ... Patty Melt (burger grilled cheese, fried onions, french fries, chill mayo). Obviously it was going to happen, once I had already seen all those glowing reviews about it. And the other entree - Skirt steak, roasted beets, garlic bread, blue cheese (basically it was a really good quality steak sandwich). The food is slightly expensive - steak sandwich was $26.00 but it was GOOOOOD! That's the thing - almost always when food is that pricey it's good because it has to be! It's like when I do a show where they are paying me a lot of money - I have an added pressure to perform at my best. Sorry but money changes things guys... The Patty Melt was a little more affordable - at $15.00. The Patty Melt was cooked medium rare which is something us Canadians have a hard time seeing because we always have our burgers in restaurants well done. It was delicious, juicy, decadent but not sickeningly so. Just right! The fries were also excellent but the gravy was AWESOME!!! Wow. It really was amazing. I don't know what they put in that gravy but when we ran out of fries to dip into it I wanted desperately to have something else to stick in there! YUM! The steak was great too. Really fresh food that seems to be made by people who seem to care about what they are putting on a plate. The beets were a really nice, healthy touch. Sweet, earthy flavour against the blue cheese was perfect. The other thing about Rose and Sons is that there was a lot of other dishes on the menu I was dying to try - that almost never happens. There's a grilled romaine salad (a twist on the typical ceasar salad) and a fried rice dish that looked really tasty and intriguing. The head chef/owner was very friendly. He pretended to get mad at me when I was taking a picture of the menu and the food. I was scared at first. haha. He was super nice and has a really, really good restaurant that I am really, really looking forward to going back to. Maybe I'll try something new. But, it's going to be hard not to order that gravy again... I mean patty melt!

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