Monday, January 23, 2012

nothing to write home about in Calgary...

So, I had originally wanted to only write food blogs about restaurants I loved but I've heard from a few people that I should write about the mediocre / bad ones too. Their theory is that readers might think I like everything and have no discerning taste. So here goes...
This restaurant is a mediocre one.

I had originally wanted to go to a restaurant called Gratitude Cafe. I had been to Gratitude Cafe once before and it was delicious. It is a vegan/raw restaurant and although the service was NOT good the food was exceptional. I wasn't able to go so I took a risk and went to a restaurant that I had no idea about - "Niko's Bistro". There are some really good reviews on line so to be fair it might have been an off day but I felt that Niko's Bistro was mediocre.

The server was great, the atmosphere was nice and intimate and the chef was very friendly. He asked us how we liked it and I said "good" even though I should've said "nothing to write home about" but I don't like complaining when the food is just... blah. If I find a hair, if it tastes off or if it is really bad I will say something.

I chose to try one of the daily specials - the meat lasagne. It came with a ceasar salad. I rarely eat lasagne and I love a good, homemade ceasar salad. The lasagne was just ok in my opinion. I like my own lasagne or my sister's lasagne way better. There was a weird texture to the meat. Maybe it was pancetta or something but it always disturbs me when I eat a meat dish and it has a weird texture. If I'm eating something vegetarian and I bite into something strange I just think it's dirt or a stem or something but when it meat I don't know what it could be. Ew.

The ceasar salad was not that good either. Sorry but it was really bland.

I had an Italian friend in high school and eating at her house for dinner was AWESOME. My friend's mom would make these amazing meals that I could not replicate if I tried because she, of course, cooks so authentically. That was what I hope for when I go into Italian restaurants but they often never even come close. Maybe it's because when you cook at home for family and friends there is so much love involved and when you cook in a restaurant it is mass produced for strangers.

To be fair, when we got there the server recommended we order the calamari. She said it was the best she's ever had. I wasn't in the mood for calamari. Calamari is the type of thing I have to be in the mood for. My boyfriend ordered the calamari and he loved it. It was fresh, prepared right because it was tender and not at all chewy, tossed in a spicy tomato sauce.

Our other friend ordered canneloni and mannicoti and she seemed to really like it.

Maybe I am just too picky given my teenage years of impeccable, authentic Italian food.

I won't rush back to Niko's Bistro but believe that it, on other occasions has knocked the socks off other patrons. So there you go. A blog about a mediocre EXPERIENCE. I guess I just don't like to hurt anyone's feelings or make an opinion on a whole restaurant based on just one visit. I know I've had at least one show where I didn't shine as a performer but have had thousands of others where I amazing. Wow. That sounded conceited. Just kidding. I'm always amazing.


Lindsay said...

Yeah, you ARE always amazing. Me Love ya :)

Jen Grant Comedian said...

Thanks lady!