Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going back to Hali, Hali, Hali

I'm back in Hali (Halifax Nova Scotia). Forgive me blog readers, it's been ten days since my last entry (the Catholics will get that). They might not think it's funny but they'll get it. Maybe non-Catholics will get it too. Not sure. Either way, one thing is for sure, it's definitely a lame, corny joke. Wow. I am being very hard on myself. (Also, a very Catholic trait). I am not a practicing Catholic. Anyway, didn't know I was going to end up going in the Catholic direction in this blog but it makes sense in a way because I was feeling guilty about not doing my blog sooner.
The point is, I am in Halifax doing shows. It's fun. I LOVE Maritimers. Fun, easy going, drinking... all good things. Some get too drunk though. Last night there was a guy in the front row who will not remember one bit of the show today. Soooo wasted. Blathering on and on about nonsense. It was a small audience so it was extra awkward. His wife wasn't much better. Well, at least they have each other in their embarassing alcoholism.

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