Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wheat free, vegan, lactose intolerance

I made dinner last night for about twelve people. One person was a vegetarian, two people hate vegetarian food, one person could not eat wheat, and another could not eat dairy. Phew. Very difficult to please everybody. So I didn't. I made what I wanted and made everyone deal with it. I am not exactly Martha Stewart but I'm also not an ex convict. Soooo... noone is perfect.


redheaded_celtic_princess said...

Hahaha! I love it.
I've actually had vegan guests bring their own food to a dinner party I threw, because they didn't trust my ingredients. True, I used chicken broth for the vegetables.... :P

Jen Grant Comedian said...

I wonder where proper etiquette fits into that one. Thanks for having us over, where should I put my tofurky?